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Elevating Athletic Performance ... While Reducing Injuries

The AeroTrainer is designed to give athletes and teams, together with their coaches and trainers, a full 360-degree picture of athletic performance and physical activity.

But it does much more than that.

The AeroTrainer is an active participant in an athlete's or team's training. It works to assist in athletic analysis while actively helping to prevent sports injuries, including concussions, cardiac incidents, and heat-related illnesses.

The AeroTrainer is an unmanned aerial video biotelemetry system that combined with wearable sensors and unique automated and semi-automated flight controls can provide unprecedented multi-angle vantage points and data in real time or saved for further analysis.

With all of its features and abilities, the AeroTrainer essentially becomes part of the team.

The AeroTrainer flies above and around athletes — in both individual or team sports — incorporating biomechanical sensors combined with wireless connectivity and software applications to record and transmit video and any combination of physiological signals. The system combines a high definition multi-axis camera system with unique flight control software to record 360 degrees of video and achieve 3D movement analysis.

Modeling the body as it moves helps to improve form and reduce the risk of injuries. Monitoring the body for overheating and head impacts can help save lives.

True Versatility

The AeroTrainer can be used differently by different athletes in different sports.

For example, a track runner can use the AeroTrainer as a personal companion to do everything from flying behind the runner capturing video and data, such as analyzing stride and cadence, to flying orbits around the runner to produce a 3D movement analysis. The AeroTrainer also can be set to "race" against the runner in an adjacent lane, with specific speeds preprogrammed to help pace or motivate the runner.

For football, the AeroTrainer can be used by coaches to monitor players' physical signs, while also be used to analyze specific plays.

The AeroTrainer can follow specific players — or specific plays, flying preprogrammed routes on a football field, for example. Plus, it gives coaches and players the ability to interact with the AeroTrainer, access data and share video.

Coaches and players can later dissect a play from various angles, overlaying the player's physical activity as well, then comment, save it, and share it.

Identifying and Preventing Injuries

Heat illnesses, concussions, and cardiac incidents are on the rise and currently among the top reasons athletes die playing sports. State and national guidelines and policies are making their way into high schools, colleges, and professional sports leagues to protect athletes and save lives.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3 million sports and recreation-related concussions occur in the United States each year. Specifically, there are between 1.6 million and 3.8 million brain injuries that occur in sports each year – and 63,000 occur in high school athletes alone.

Meanwhile, another CDC study stated that more than 9,000 high school athletes are treated for exertional heat illness annually. And researchers in a May 2013 New York Times report said heat stroke often causes the death of a young athlete every other day on average during hot months like August. In that same report, researchers said a young athlete dies from a cardiac incident once every three days in the United States.

One of the key reasons for this is a lack of awareness among student athletes, coaches, and parents about prevention and identification of a concussion, cardiac incident, or heat-related illness.

The effects of these incidents can be mitigated by prompt recognition and appropriate response. Athletes who are monitored during physical exertion have a better chance of having those symptoms recognized very quickly.

The AeroTrainer utilizes sensors in uniforms and helmets to sense heat and measure frequency and intensity of head impacts in real time, including setting off alarms when certain parameters are met.

Simple Flight Controls

Assisted flight controls make it easy for coaches simply to drag the AeroTrainer to any position on the field.
With automated altitude hold, for example, the device requires only lateral movement and minimal training.

myAeroTrainer App

While coaches and trainers may have access to data for a whole team, individual players can use the myAeroTrainer app to access their own activity, as well as video which they can use to study or to create a "highlights" videos for recruitment purposes.

Unlimited Flying Time

For situations, such as football practice or scrimmages, where use of the AeroTrainer may require that it be aloft longer than the battery's capacity, a specially designed tether system can be used to provide electrical power directly to the device.

The tether system, together with its retractable reel and guidepost, is lightweight and can be easily erected on the sideline with no additional tools.